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Who is Shelter Missions International?2020-03-22T07:47:34+00:00

Shelter Missions International is a Christian based charity or not-for-profit organization that is legally registered in the State of Texas, United State of America.

What Does Shelter Missions International Do?2020-03-22T07:48:42+00:00

Shelter provide spiritual and physical needs of a children and youth by sharing information of verified bonafide need globally thereby connecting a donor or anyone who is willing to assist with the need of the child.

Is Shelter Missions International only Available in the USA?2020-03-22T07:49:46+00:00

No, we are a global organization, we don’t have to be physically present or have physical office to assist you with your needs.

How do I get help?2020-03-22T07:50:33+00:00

Simple! Just send us an email through [email protected]. Please note you have to be at least 18 years of age to contact us.

How do I support?2020-03-22T07:51:24+00:00

Thank you for your interest in supporting the mission. You can become our community ambassador, by assist a child in need within your community. As a community ambassador, you just adopt a need of a child around you. You can donate. You can be a prayer partner interceding on behalf of the children under our care.

How do I donate?2020-03-22T07:52:11+00:00

Currently we collect direct donation to the ministry through cash.app/$sheltermissions. We accept donations through digital assets such as Bitcoin,
BTC 3LS8J6vFJDKmMh9mQwCG9t5KSLbd1er1YW
Ethereum, ETH 0x10571F6faBA493a86117335807BAadC88e1860F1
Bitcoin Cash, BCH qzvq5qfeawwhtvngfywjk0e8m4dxdad8mqlntk53du
We accept cash payments (in Naira) made to Guaranty Trust Bank (contact for details)

How you can help us
Just call at (+1) 8327363377 to make a donation

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