Welcome to Shelter Missions International Please Raise your Helping Hand

Shelter Missions International, Shelter is a Christian based charity organization that is fully and legally registered under the state of Texas, United State of America. Shelter has been granted full 501 (c) exemption status under the federal and state law.
Our main focus is to create shelter, train, and preserve children and youth who are orphans, battered, abused, homeless, less privileged, etc. for the glory of God. This will be discussed in details in Our Missions section.
As a Christian based organization, Shelter is guided under biblical principles of giving to the poor and needy and being our brothers keeper. Jesus said in Matthew 25 verse 40 that whatever help we offer to the least of our fellow human is like doing it to the Lord. There are more blessings to helping others than not helping.

  • We believe in the divine provision power of God (John 10:11), through his people like you and me.
  • We believe that God has a hand in training and teaching children, Isaiah 54 :13
  • We believe that there is a godly way to train children, Proverbs 22 :6

Our Mission:

To care for the spiritual, educational, and basic needs and general welfare of orphans, less privileged, and children from broken homes with the optimism of making them independent, responsible, and godly adults (individuals). By providing shelter, training, and basic needs for children, and youth who are battered, abused, homeless, etc to the glory of God. Our services is provided mainly in two ways: spiritual needs and physical needs.
The spiritual needs of a child includes, but not limited to prayers and intercession, teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ and salvation. The physical need of a child within our scope is education, shelter, clothing, feeding, etc. Education assistance means we will provide direct sponsorship to the school on behalf of the child in need of assistance. In some cases, scholarship will be provided.

Our Vision:

In order to achieve Our Mission above we will focus on the need of a child. In what we call, “Adopt a need” Meaning we focus on the need of a child one at a time. This way we collectively provide for the need of each child as the Lord will bring them our way.
We want to become the connection between the need of a child and the global community by sharing these to the global community. For a example, if a child in any part of the world needs help paying school fees. And the child or the guardian/sponsor reaches out to our organization through email at [email protected]. We, after verification of need, will publish the need to local community of the child and the global communities so that anyone who is willing can assist.
To raise a future generation of godly, independent, fulfilled, responsible and heaven bound individuals through the provision of basic needs to orphans, less privileged and children from broken homes.

How you can help us
Just call at (+1) 8327363377 to make a donation